We provide accommodation that endeavours to offer a warm and relaxing environment that is achieved by staff and tenants working together.

The support team is dedicated to offering each tenant freedom of choice, promoting independence and offering friendly confidential advice.

We also believe in, and actively promote; empathy, understanding, unconditional positive regard and respect for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to sensitively support and help our tenants to achieve independence. The development of our supported accommodation aims to look beyond simple housing provision and incorporates the following aspects of good practice: 

  • Identifying the mental health needs of our clients, by working in conjunction with and liaising with health care professionals and other agencies.
  • A person-centred approach to support.
  • A service that is culturally sensitive.
  • The promotion of equal opportunities, fair access, diversity and inclusion.
  • Promotion of mental health awareness and preventative measures.
  • Increasing education, awareness and opportunities.
  • Tenant’s involvement with developing and planning the service offered to them.
  • Promoting access to statutory services through advocacy.

Sustain UK manages all resources to provide cost effective, efficient, quality services and homes.

The government department CLG, commissioned a report in 2009, which identified that for the client group that Sustain generally supports/accommodates, for every £1 spent there was a saving to statutory services of between £2.20 and £5.24