About Sustain (UK) Ltd

Sustain provides accommodation for individuals all of whom are experiencing mental health problems, learning difficulties and/or dual diagnoses, (including those who are recovering from alcohol/drug dependency.)

Sustain welcomes and can cater for all applicants aged 18 and over from all sections of the community.

We operate across the West Midlands area. Our aim is to improve the lives of those affected by severe and enduring mental health problems; by supporting our tenants to live in the community and helping them to rebuild their confidence and life skills.

We do this by providing quality support and accommodation in a safe and secure environment









What Our Tenants Say About Us

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding support and a caring home for all of our tenants. We go to great lengths to make sure that the high standard is upheld and that our tenants’ lives are improved. 

We asked some of our tenants to share their story and tell us about their time at Sustain to give you an insight into how it has helped benefit their lives. 

How to Apply - The process

Looking to apply for a place in a Sustain UK home?

If you are looking for supported housing (either for yourself or on behalf of someone else,) then please read the information on How to Apply.

After; if you would like to submit an application please fill out the application form.

Referral Application

Rehab 4 Addiction – free helpline for people in need of help and support for mental health and free alcoholic recovery in the UK. Discover how Rehab 4 Addiction can support a loved one or yourself for drug and alcohol dependency issues. Contact number: 0800 140 4690