We never discriminate against any adult who wishes to live in our housing, however there are a few basic requirements that applicants need to have.

Our applicants can be referred from either The Community Health Team, Forensic Services, Hospitals, Drug and Alcohol Services. They can also refer themselves on a self-referral basis. However, all applicants must meet the DWP definition of ‘vulnerable,’ which is:

‘A vulnerable adult is someone aged 18 or over; who is, or may be, in need of community services due to age, illness or a mental or physical disability. Who is, or may be unable to take care of himself/herself, or unable to protect himself/herself against significant harm or exploitation.’

*We are limited by the amount of houses that have wheel-chair access, however provisions available in some of our properties.

If you (or the person you are applying on behalf of) meet the criteria, then please follow the next steps by reading through The Process.