Today was the last day with Pauline Hughes as CEO, a company she founded with her late husband John Hughes. As her PA I would like to share with you all a snapshot of some of the comments Pauline received on her departure from this amazing company. 

“Still can’t believe that yesterday was your last day. You were by far the best and most considerate boss I ever encountered and Sustain won’t ever be the same without you”

“You have a way of empowering people to be their very best, giving tenants confidence to believe in themselves and to staff to be able to deal with professionals on an even keel, possible only by the knowledge gained under your guidance, training and support.  Your determination to achieve the best for our tenants has taught me that they are truly the heart of the organisation and has shown me the importance of understanding their many and varied issues with empathy, kindness, understanding and where necessary to battle for their rights as individuals whatever their circumstance. This is a job like no other.  Although I am office-based, your wishes for our tenants to achieve, be happy, be safe and valued, permeates through the walls of the building and into each one of your staff.  Whether writing a letter about their benefits, a PIP claim, or liaising with the Police, Agencies it goes without question that they will be supported at a level far beyond that which is available within the ethos of other organisations.

This may be a time of change for you, but it is my hope and desire that the foundation on which you and John built this organisation will remain without you at the helm. Your legacy. I believe that the backbone on which the company was substantiated is the way forward for others, and will not only be honoured, but will be, and has been, seen to be the right way.

At the end of the day, there is no other like you …. You are a leading and shining example in your field and others will follow now, not because they want to, but because they will now be required to do things the way you have ALWAYS done them.  You have set a precedent.

I cannot begin to tell you how much you will be missed and how much you mean to me as an employer, not just because you appreciate me and all the staff, but because it will not be the same without you coming into the office and bringing us laughter, bacon sandwiches and fish and chips but because it feels like there is something missing …….. YOU!  

“Just a quick note of appreciation on your last day, there would have been no Sustain without you and your dedication and sheer effort, on behalf of me, the thousands of tenants you have helped, and Board members past and present, can we all say thank you, and wish you the best for the future.”

“Many years ago I was homeless underweight and self-harming. The salvation army referred me to this amazing company where I have now lived for over 20 years. I am respected, supported treated as an individual and allowed to express my sexual preference freely. I bless the day I was sent here.”